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      For all job applications and opportunities we advertise using Seek, The Loop, Grapevine, Pedestrian TV etc.? Please contact us via those channels when applying for jobs.? Due to the volume, applications sent directly to our team will not always be considered.


      Liquid Animation’s studio is located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane’s creative district and home to some of Australia’s most talented animators. To speak to a producer or one of our in-house directors please call or e-mail us.


      Level 1/324 Wickham St.
      Fortitude Valley
      QLD 4006

      P.O. Box 326
      Fortitude Valley
      QLD 4006

      t + 61 7 3363 5300
      f + 61 7 3363 5399

      CEO/Executive Producer – Long Form:
      Steve Viner

      e: sviner@liquidanimation.com

      Executive Producer – Commercials:
      Geoff Viner

      e: gviner@liquidanimation.com

      For all Communications enquiries:
      LA Communications

      e: rgreenwell@liquidanimation.com

      Global Footprint

      We have 2 global offices in the USA and China as well as Chinese and Japanese-speaking staff in-house in Brisbane.

      USA Office

      2538 Hyperion Avenue
      Suite 7
      Los Feliz, CA 90027
      Michael Diaz
      Senior Producer
      e: diazer@gmail.com
      t: +1 213.400.8311

      Hong Kong Office

      Doug Fraser
      Greater China Representative

      e: douglasscottfraser@yahoo.com
      t: +852 98820350