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Perfect Schedules Every Time

What We Do

​Many schools create their schedules by hand, trying to balance the needs of their classes and teachers. Creating a schedule is complicated, time consuming and prone to human errors. That's where we come in.

Our software streamlines and automates this process to quickly create a schedule that satisfies  all of your requirements. Simply enter some information about your school and with the click of a button, your schedule is ready.

No need to spend countless hours ironing out scheduling conflicts, our software gets it right the first time.

Principal of Hirsch Lyons Johannesburg

"Time tables are the worst, most stress inducing part of running a school. ScheduLearn is truly miraculous. I was able to get a series of schedules which took almost all my constraints into account and which just had to be tweaked. I spent exponentially less time worrying and working on time tables."

Why You Should Choose Us


Say goodbye to the days of manually creating schedules. With ScheduLearn, you can generate schedules in a fraction of the time. Our powerful algorithms ensure that schedules are accurate, efficient, and conflict-free.


Our scheduling software uses optimization algorithms to build you a schedule that accommodates the greatest number of teacher constraints and classroom requirements.


Easily make fine tweaks to the generated schedule to fit your exact needs. The software will guide you through this process and keep the schedule conflict-free, meeting all requirements.

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

An Israeli tech startup, ScheduLearn is made possible through  high tech's very finest.

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